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01/01/09 - Jim, ... I saw the JSM and it's value in a dream back in
1972.  At the time I had no idea what it was all about
and could not tell anyone about the dream... now as
the dream meets reality I know.... Jesus was contacting
me ... and preparing me for the Day at hand... Thank
You Jesus and may I be of assistance and never
never betray Your Trust in me and the JSM Agenda...

Jim, I was just released from a four year sentence
for a crime I DID commit.... for the last four months
the entire Pelican Bay prison here has been buzzing
with thoughts of the JSM... sure I and most of the
men knew in our hearts that we deserved to serve
our sentence... and if we could make restitution to
our victims we would but most likely we would
never have or earn enough money to pay the
victims as the court ordered... Our anger.. at our
selves and our shame for the deeds we once
smiling did... gave way to the fact that America,
Our America... OF my sons, Our Kids, children was
sliding into the laps of corruption for which we
were not abiding to allow... regardless of what
number of silver or gold coins was offered... How
to tell your kids that the reason things were so
fucked up was I (your dad) sold his soul, the soul
of his children and the birthright of America ....
No.. No... forgive Us Felons... We have much to
give... We are primed and tough enough to take on
anyone and kick their MF ass... We humbly ask:
permission to come into the JSM as frontline
Players... We are Fighters!  We are Americans!
We are convict parents and once lost souls and
ask for forgiveness and a chance to stand by your
side in the greatest battle of all.... defending and
protecting the Bill of Rights, The Constitution,
The Common Law, and Modern Science.  I ask
these things in the Name of Our Savior Jesus Christ

... watch the two major political party's crumble and vanish
like yesterdays smoke.. The Neo-Militia Party is the PARTY
of America's future - as described by Our Founding Fathers.
Let no Man question the Bill of Rights... certainly not in my
Our "Supreme Courts both State and Federal" are so bent that
if there was a Wake for them... We couldn't get the coffin
lid shut... Oh, but to think that they were deceased/dead and
gone (forever) is  such a  warm and fuzzy thought.... Thy Will
Shall Be Done - Thank You Jesus for Your Commandments
and Love... I shall not fail You! - I Stand Ready Steady and
Available for the Jefferson State Militia... Use me as You
- Jed of Dred 12-31-08

Use the following address to contact JSM



PO BOX 5007

SHASTA LAKE, CA  96089-5007


... I have no physical attributes that make me a tough SOB... I have been confined
to my electric wheel chair for the last fourteen years -  I am 22 yr. old.
My abilities are in the world of computers, internet, Hacking, programming...
There is Not a site... website... I can Not Hack... If I wanted I could be you and
own all that is yours... or theirs... or ???
I consul;t for the xxx  and other top of the line In Tel gathering Orgs... let me
explain to you that none of the above have enough IQ to find their butt in a Phone
B O O T H with B O T H hands... No, they depend on Me and others like myself...
... thanks for trusting me and may you always understand: God Loves The Brave..
I'll monitor your site activities and keep my ear on the track... God Bless America!


... Ok, accept this cash... and remember I shall be
watching you and if you and the JSM are a phony
or a charade and a front for some rip off ploy.. I will
hunt you down and... well I would just say, there are
100's of ways to commit suicide that are more
pain less than what I offer...
So, in hopes that the JSM is legit ... COUNT ME
IN!  Navy Seal - 20 plus years and expert in every
form of action you can imagine.... also, I live very
near you 'Commander Jim' so ... I can protect as
well as inflict .... I got your back and your front...
Stay Ready Steady and Available...
~Great White, Shasta Lake CA

- EverVigilant.net -
"The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance;
which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime
 and the punishment of his guilt." - John Philpot Curran

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined,
but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to
maintain a status of independence from any who might
 attempt to abuse them, which would include their
own government" --George Washington




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