01/01/09 - Dearest Jesus and Jefferson State Militia Patriots
 I write you today from the outskirts of Gaza where myself and
 11K other IDF soldiers stand ready to kick off the Final Battle
 of World... make no nevermind that I am from Jewish/Israeli
 stock for remember so was Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...
 Like all races and Countries We of the 12 Tribes have had and do
 have many many bad apples but none the less: We have in Our
 Blood and Soul the same components of God's Son Jesus and
 ask for your Blessings along with those of the Creator of All
 Things Large and Small - Known and Unknown.. And yes, I am
 not referring to god of the Hives of Darkness - Allah the moon god,
 who if you research was a female in drag...
 Our orders are to Stand Tall and Fight! And nevermind We might
 just piss of the entire moon god nations! (the arabs) or the shit
 heel Iranians)... I fear not dying in the Battle of the End of Time,
 quite the contrary - I feel honored beyond description to be able
 to set in motion the final pieces of Revelation, according to John.
 My commitments are now cast in stone and I pray that all of you
 take heart and search out and remove the Hives of Darkness
 wherever you find them. xxxxx the time is Now - Lock and Load, shoot
 first and ask no questions nor offer any answers ... God/Jesus Love
 the Brave!!! - HammerMan, of the Cross of Jerusalem

Hamas terrorists kill innocent 'Palestinians' in Gaza click

Use the following address to contact JSM



PO BOX 5007

SHASTA LAKE, CA  96089-5007

What is America's true form of government?

The true American form of government was meant to be
a constitutional republic not a democracy or anything else.
Democracy means mob rule. 51% of the people rule the
other 49%. Very informative video.

Prepare to be educated. click here for video and pass it on

Yos gringo pukes are gonng wish yous were never
born.  We Nuestra are the rightful owners of
California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and
anithing else we want.
... Our battle cry is Remember the Alamo...
we be watching this site for long time and have
decided to drop this on yo... after we see f**kin
N**GERS throewing in with yo.. was the last strauw
we be whoppun ther black ass since Cisco was a
whiteman and we not gong to stop unteel the
mo foas are dust.. we gots more soldiars then all
yos ... and we own the polyteacians... you well
shit yo pants when yos see WE ARE

This is no thraet is promoce...

contact email ojimmark@jett.net



Scary shit here.  FBI memo to Field Offices
stating who NEEDS to be ARRESTED! If
you or yours is adamant about preserving
The Bill of Rights, The US Constitution... or
if you are Heard in Public expressing outrage
in the constant eroding of Our Rights guaranteed
in the above documents... You are Subject to
out the exact FBI Memo here click

"The rich ruleth over the poor, and
the borrower is servant to the lender."
- Holy Bible Proverbs 22:7

- Parable of the cockroaches -
You're awaken by your hysterical wife shouting
that she found the silverware drawer full of
She demands that you come to the kitchen and
spray and kill the vermin.
You find the can of bug spray waiting for you on
the kitchen counter.  You open the silverware drawer
and find it packed with cockroaches.  You remove
the cap to the bug spray and point the nozzle into
the mass of cockroaches.
"No wait!" screams your wife, "Don't kill the mamas
and the babies, their not the ones destroying the
"Honey, the mamas and the babies are the problem
tomorrow and we will be over run and sorry." you
"Yes, but it's not right to kill the babies and their
mothers... it's pure barbarism  ... needless killings,
I couldn't ... we couldn't live with ourselves if we
killed the innocent" she continues.
So you bend to her emotional demands and carefully
spray the adult cockroaches.
In two weeks your entire kitchen is crawling with
cockroaches.  Your wife says, "It's OK, we did
the right thing and I guess that's just the way it
was met to be."
And so, one day your entire house falls down
upon your head - destroyed by the mamas and
their amazing breading abilities.
The goal of War is to destroy your enemy to
such an extent that you will live in Peace for
a long time if not forever... Warriors win Wars
while the Policeman struggles daily to maintain
a status quo
Warriors arise and destroy the enemy. - JRM 09/09/95


my husband and I have purchased and plan to purchase more, 9mm's.
We are taking a tactical course from a gentleman in Brookings, OR
within the next month or two. Anyway, I like your site, and maybe
eventually, the state of Jefferson will be a very organized people.
-Southern Oregon

1/9/09 Commander Jim and JSM Patriots,
I will not mention the name of our militia
down in Dixie Land... but let me praise
the JSM.  Why? Easy our militia is for
only Whites.... no jews.... no negroes....
as such we are almost self defeating..
with your huge cross section of America,
excluding Islam the JSM is more likely
to turn the corner... and take down the
NWO and their puppets.. Your problem
is after you return the American Dream
Bill of Rights, Constitution etc to their
proper place, all white militias will be at
odds to say the least ...we southerns are
accustomed to the mechanics of fighting
the corrupt feds and have learned to live
in a state of occupation... we are prepared
to go on the offensive at the first sign of
marshal law, foreign troops, NWO armies
such as BlackWater etc. .. Good Hunting
and Good Luck - Dixie





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