Operation: 'Honors at Arlington' diary

                           May 20 - ?, 2009

Tuesday May 26, 2009 recap

Today was a very nice trip!
Kentucky was AWESOME!!!

Tremendous turn-outs at
all the stops.

Flags everywhere!!!

The kids gave up on
the I-Spy an American Flag
game today!

Good food, great people
 and no traffic problems...
well, other than a tree falling
in the road right in front
of us all!

We made it to Beckley
West Virginia tonight, had a late

 dinner at the American Legion.

I am too tired to write more
tonight, just Thank you to
all the people of Kentucky
 and WV for a nice day!

Less than 300 miles to go!!!

~Linda Hartman

Above 5: The Kentucky Support vehicles and
the Kentucky folks getting their briefing.

"It's Time To Take Back America!"
  "Jim Mark is the Ansel Adams of Event Photography.. "
- David Lubow, CEO Falcon Industries -

On the Scene - Comments/Notes

Our Trip is awesome! awesome! Awesome!
Thanks for your prayers: pine needles,
black butte school, GVSR, Jeff, Sue,
Joe and Mom. ~Bill and Dee Dee Holt

Kim: Know you're reading the blog,
happy Memorial Day! I am so Proud
to be a part of this! ~Crystal and Roger

As a social worker from the State
of KS I have a special place in my
heart for Brother Dunn. He was
one of the good foster parents
~Dana Moodie ALR Post #13
Yates Center, KS

- From Bert (Roadrunner)
I am not sure what day it is.
They are all blending together
but we arrive in Arlington
tomorrow after a short day
 of riding only 300 miles.

Today brought the usual mix
of excitement from me dropping
the Wing at the gas pump,
to a tree falling across 3 lanes
of freeway right in front one
of our friends from Oregon.
Skillful handling of his machine
 is all that saved him from
becoming another branch of
the tree.

My incident was less excitement
and more carelessness. Gassing
all the bikes at the pumps is a
 little like a shark feeding frenzy.
 Everyone wants to get done
quickly so one has time to take
care of other necessary things
and still have time to assess
the potential weather ahead.
This allows clothing adjustments
 to suit the conditions... but i digress.
If as I did, you arrive with two or
three bikes in front of you and
soon two or three behind the
procedure is as follows: roll up,
shut off engine and take a deep
 breath. Bike at pump finishes
and starts engine, puts kickstand
up and drives away. Each in turn
does the same thing. key on
Kickstand up, start engine, move
 forward one spot, find neutral,
stop engine, kickstand down
 wait.. this is repeated until you
 get to the pump. When I arrived
at the pump there were still
several behind me. I drive to
pump, find neutral, kill engine,
put kickstand down and step off,
but wait... I didn't get the stand
all the way down in my haste
and it's spring popped it back
up. So when I stepped off it
followed me all the way over!
Mortification follows this kind
of thing, sure as its rained on
us every day.

A parting tidbit. I have come to
 realize how inexpensively one
can travel through this part of the
country. Meals being one of the
 more expensive parts of a trip.
But there is an answer:

ROAD KILL! Yes my friends
roadkill. Now in California the
variety is not so great. Here we
see skunk, opossum, raccoon,
 deer, and even a pig! Now the
motels have all had microwaves
 so the cooking is fast and easy.
Or if cooking is not your thing
there are often roadkill that has
already become Jerky. Opossum
or Raccoon stew is not out of
the question either.

With that useful bit of info,
I bid you adieu. ~Bert ( Roadrunner)

We had 75-100 police vehicles
escorting us! It was an
amazing sight!


Lunch Winchester Kentucky


Dinner in Beckley WV
(American Legion Post)


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