Operation: 'Honors at Arlington' diary

                           May 20 - ?, 2009


OK, I guess I might have left off this
 morning and it was looking like a
beautiful day, not too many events
and that maybe we would make it
 into Topeka at a decent time....

Yeah, SURE.  Well I guess we did get
 into to town at an OK time.....but it is
now almost midnight here ( so only 10:00
at home right?? I wont think about the time
 change when morning comes....)

Anyway, let me start back at the
beginning of the day.

We headed out of Limon CO on time,
and in good spirits looking forward
to a fairly easy day.

above 3: Wakeeny KS

We stopped in the early afternoon in
Wakeeny KS for a nice lunch put on
by the VFW.

It was pretty warm and a long line so
I really didn't get too many pictures
just a few of the group out side.

Everyone in Wakeeny was very friendly,
especially to the kids.

We were even served lemon aide
by Miss Kansas!!!

We didn't stay too long as we still had
a lot of miles to Topeka.

The drive was nice we had a few small
 incidents during the day One driver
 got sick which could have been pretty
bad but he was able to get pulled over
 and one of the medics that are on the
trip tended to him. We have noticed
however, that other than Johns flat the
first day the CA group has had no
 problems ( well except for tonight)..

Darrell spent allot of time on the CB
today with truckers letting them know
what we are doing and it really touched
allot of them, many said prayers for us,
ALL thanked us and wished us a safe trip.
 Some wanted to come along.
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(continued) When we left the last gas stop headed
for Topeka we could see dark sky ahead
so the riders all suited up... Its funny,
this is always when they ask me if

I want to ride!? good thing I didn't, as
the rain really came down for a while!
 but then it cleared up and just out side
 of Topeka we came to an over pass
completely lined with Flag wavers!

It was the biggest flag line yet.
Many of these folks then came to the
motel so we got to thank them and
they were excited to talk with us and
pay their respects. There was also a
 man from Australia there and he was
shocked by what we are doing but
thought it was so meaningful. 
The Kansas folks are all very interested
 and I had many people just drive up
or walk up off the street to ask what
were are doing they are usually
just speechless.

It is amazing how many people we
 have touched on this trip and we
are only half way!

I just talked with Dave about it and
he says that is the most meaningful
part of this to him, the difference we
are making in so many lives, many that
we probably don't even know about.
" to many veterans we are offering a
 sense of closure or healing" he says.
He often comments on how moved he
 was on seeing a lone man standing at

attention  out in the field by Orland on
 our first day. I noticed one like that
today too, as we were pulling out of a
gas station, one older Veteran, standing

at attention by the side of the road. 
It is so hard not to cry all day long that
sometimes it just seems overwhelming...

Sorry, back to the story.....


above: This pic is for good buddy Elmer Ellsworth

So as things settle down, I am anxious
 to get dinner and the kids to bed,
Darrell and Indian Dave are putting
Long Rider to bed and Dave said the
front break was bad...
Guess what we are doing??

Dave making phone calls trying to get the parts needed

The Topeka Buffalo Soldier group really
came through for us! They "knew a guy"
called him, we fired up Big Ride and are
sitting in the parking lot of Midwest Custom
Cycle, at midnight on Sunday of
Memorial Day weekend. Darrell, Dave
 and the owner Brian and his dog Toto,
 (no I'm not making that up!) are

Midwest Custom Cycles 

Thank you! Thank you!!!!

It's 1 am, Brian and his Dog Toto working on Long Rider

putting new break pads on the Long Rider.
Guess what makes it a little more difficult is that
Long Rider is a custom job and they a are
having to do some adjustments.... 
I am sure we will be ready for briefing
at 8:30 am.... so what's that  at home???

So I have to say it.... Kansas is great but
"there's no place like home"

Miss you all, thanks for reading!

I better go check on the guys! 
I will take some pictures.

~Linda Hartman

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