Operation: 'Honors at Arlington' diary

                           May 20 - ?, 2009

Flag line by the Grand Junction PGR and
farewell to our UT POW/Mia escorts

above 3 Limon CO

We are in Limon CO. I have a lot to write but connection
is very bad here, I will send some pics first and see how
it goes. Then try to write an update of today's events.
These pictures are from our first stop in
Grand Junction CO.

Day 3 (May 23. 2009) update

We left Green River and had a nice drive
most of the day. We were greeted in
Grand Junction CO by a PGR Flag line
and free Coffee from the truck stop!

We headed on toward Denver with full
Highway patrol escort for many portions
of the day.  We headed up the big hills
(11,000+) and of course Big Rider
( that's what we call the RV now, remember
we have kids with us!)

Was a little slow and we dropped back a bit!!! 
At least the view was nice! We caught up to the
 rest of the group in El Rancho, they were
nice enough to wait but that was probably
because we had some of the stuff needed for
the next stop!

We were escorted by the
Denver Buffalo Soldier MC group
into Denver

and they had a very nice
church service honoring our heroes!

It was very moving when they did the
"roll call" and Taps. (continued opposite side top)

above 2:  Fred Salanti (center Red Bike) is the
founder and coordinator of MIA-P.
Salanti is a retired US Army Major and
has received national recognition because of

"It's Time To Take Back America!"
  "Jim Mark is the Ansel Adams of Event Photography.. "
- David Lubow, CEO Falcon Industries -

above 2: Going through Vail CO

Day 3 (May 23. 2009) update (continued)

We left the church Service and before we
were even on the highway were hit by a
very strong thunderstorm! It was crazy!
A few bikes and most of the chase vehicles
got separated and took a wrong exit...
We worried about them all but it did give
 ol Big Rider a chance to be right up with t
he main group for a change!

We made it into Limon before dark,
had a nice dinner and are settling in
for the night.

There are folks here from Denver and
other areas in CO and some came up
from OK.

We also met one of the Buffalo Soldiers
from AZ that helped with the exhuming
of Isaiah Mays! Some will be going with
us to Topeka tomorrow others will head
home after riding with us for today.

We ate dinner with "Highway" who is
going with us all the way (started in Sacramento)!
and got a very interesting history lesson about
the Buffalo Soldiers.

We have several events tomorrow in KS.
I will get more pics.  I hear that some family
members of riders are checking these
 updates; I am trying to get more pictures
of our group so you can see your loved
ones are doing well.

I know they got cold and wet today,
but spirits are high and the mission pushes
us all on!! I know this is something that
will remain in our hearts forever!  

~Linda Hartman

above 2: The Long Rider which transports the cremains

above: the 3 Hartman 'Kids' with Buffalo Soldiers

above: This picture is of the Denver Buffalo Soldiers
 and Patty Callahan ( Johnnie Callahan's
Daughter, she is going with us all the way too
and has spent some of the trip on a bike
with Fred!)
They are holding the Proclamation from
 the Denver Mayor.

High Res Image for Printing

PhotoShop by TheShastaLaker.com

"We Speak Mac"



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