Operation: 'Honors at Arlington' diary

                           May 20 - ?, 2009

May 22, 2009

Today went pretty well. Started out with  a nice send
off and escort out of Elko.The NV POW/MIA group
 escorted us to the UT State line and passed us off to
a group from UT.

Had A nice Passing the flag over the state line,
where they stopped all traffic and we parked in the
center of the road.

When we got to Salt Lake City, traffic was pretty bad
( 5:00 pm om Friday of Memorial day weekend!)
so going was slow until we headed up out of the city
 traffic toward Green River.

Had some light showers through the hills but not
heavy rain until we were just about  to Green River.

(continued top of opposite side)

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"An 'artist beyond the call', he (Jim Mark) works an
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magic on the heroic American soldiers of an era
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It with a Smile'. No, Artist Jim Mark is more like
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Motivational Speaker and lifelong friend

We had a scare at the last Pit stop when a
few of our group were sort of missing...
we all knew they had stopped to put on jackets,
but then we heard from a Highway patrol that a
bike had gone down!!! Turns out is was not
from our group and not very bad. That's all I know
 about it.

UT had a pretty good Highway Patrol escort
from the little town of Price to almost Green River
they dropped off somewhere along the way....

 Pretty impressive group of bikes today, (I would
guess 150 or so )I tried to get pictures but you just
don't get the real feel for how it looks in my pictures.
There are some professional photographers on
the trip that I am trying to get to send some pictures
our way! they are in a car and can drive up ahead
and I know are getting some great shots.

 We are still seeing lots of flag lines on over passes,
and in small little towns we pass through, it is so
 nice to see!

 Well, the rain is coming down pretty good,
Hope it heads your way and is nice here tomorrow!
 We are picking up what they say will be another
200 bikes tomorrow, but the UT folks will not
leave with us from Green River.

 Tomorrow will be a long day, but we are looking
 forward to the Buffalo Soldiers event in
the Denver area.

~Linda Hartman

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