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The Jefferson State Militia - The right to arm and organize and arrest the Hijackers of America as per the US Constitution




JSM Patriot Volunteers now number in 6 (six) digits

Breaking Important Information

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THE TIME HAS COME TO ARREST AND JAIL EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, THE US SUPREME COURT AND THE ENTIRE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Along with the above arrests, We the People must arrest and jail the present and past four living US Presidents including their respective Cabinets.

The charges: Treason, Complicity to Treason, Failure to enforce the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Failure to enforce US Immigration laws/Seal off the Mexican border, Perjury, Treachery, Thievery and a host of other Crimes that will discovered as a result of the above arrests and subsequent investigation.

We the People of the United States of America directed by Our Bill of Rights, Our US Constitution, Our Judeo-Christian Heritage, common Sense, and applied science are hereby summoned in the name of the aforementioned to rise up and execute the above arrests and imprisonments : which will necessitate the formation of a satisfactory court which must and will be outside the influence of Federal, State, and Municipal existing courts which have been shown to be biased and prejudiced toward the Common US Citizen and the founding principles and documents which hitherto fore have attained, nurtured and safeguarded the very well-being and direction of the Once Greatest Country; the Guiding Light of Our World and Mankind – The United States of America.

The penalties for the above mentioned Capital charges upon conviction shall include the Death Penalty as well as lengthy imprisonment, forfeiture of all property, bank accounts, US Citizenship, and exile at the conclusion of serving the exact mandates of the above Court.

We have a Moral Duty to Fight Tyranny and Corruption – We Must Stand-Up for the Fight of Our Life! Let no man, woman or youth justify, find reason, or other duties and or responsibilities to ignore the/this Call to Acton!  We the People – American Patriots; one and All are prepared to suffer any loss of life and or property and sacrifice as necessary Our precious Health, Fortunes, Community Standing and Our very Lives to remove and if need be destroy the Followers of Darkness, the Orchestrators along with their minions’  who have and are responsible for the design, the plan and implementation of the most dastardly, audacious scheme in the History of Mankind – the Hijacking of America the Beautiful . And in so doing; subsequently trashing All Her Sacred Values, Traditions, Legacy,  Fortunes and God given Bill of Rights, The US Constitution and alas the very bedrock on which the Republic of the United States of America was founded.

We all see the destination in which
 Our Government is forcing
upon We American Citizens.
 So consider this:
'Like a powerful fast moving Train
heading break neck for the cliff,
We understand that: One doesn't turn
a train for it's on a track.
First the train must be stopped, and
then it must be backed up.'
Hasten Patriots to the Call of Liberty!
~ JRM - 12/22/08

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