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October 17, 2008


Thank you so much for exposing the need for a Militia here as well the entire U.S.A… My family and relatives have as you know ‘become part of the Jefferson State Militia’… With the failure of the major political parties, Congress and Senate, Supreme Court, The President... to restore the American Dream and the basic American Principles which have made America great, I and others now see a viable alternative in the Neo-Militia Movement and the Jefferson State Militia… it is quite possible that the Neo-Militia Movement will become the dominate Political Party in Our great country… I’ll send you some…

Name withheld as per JSM policy regarding participants

October 3, 2008

Jim… I now have hope in my life … thanks to the immergence of the Jefferson State Militia and the reminder of how important the Militias were in establishing our country...

September 30, 2008

Dear Jim founder of the Jefferson State Militia... the JSM site is great and informative.. I was always curious on the intricacies of establishing and maintaining a new Militia ... 

Thankyou Jim, for the inspiration and confidence... we have no other choice in these troubled times other than to be prepared to stand side by side ... against the treasonous leaders of America... your not alone and I got your back
... as a single mother with two early teenagers ... I can not pass this problem on to the preceding generations.. it's our problem, we chose to sleep while the corruption took root and now we responsible adults must remedy the problem... or go down as a coward who passed their problems to our kids and their kids.. it would be horribly unfair to do so... Thanks Jim
... I always hoped that such an opportunity would present it's self... now we can rally around the strength of the Jefferson State Militia... showing the world what truly patriotic Americans are still capable of doing...
... everybody I know is excited about the Jefferson State Militia.. Thanks Jim and God Bless... hope to meet you and see you have you give me some shooting tips...
... we should arrest every politician who has allowed this mess to happen.. it won't be an easy task but then again it is harder not to do anything at all.... America has been led into the sewers of deceit and corruption.. all the so called leaders have sold us out for small bag of silver coins... I know Jesus is with us and will join us in our struggle... we owe it to our heroes living or dead to continue the battle ... thank you and let me know how much the annual dues are...
.. as a relative new American Citizen I am proud to be part of the Jefferson State Militia... I was lucky to escape the commies back in the early 60's... I've seen what can happen when a population has been denied the right to own firearms and the government is evil... thanks Jim and all the best


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