The Jefferson State Militia - Tons of Missiles, RPG-7's, and Advanced Munitions enroute




Tons of Missiles, RPG-7's, and Advanced Munitions enroute
to the United States, complements of Chavez and others.

Realizing that the USA has been Hijacked and is the under
control of a rouge communist globalist cabal, various Countries
and their supporters are exporting Arms and highly trained military
volunteers to the Continental States. 
These above mentioned shipments have been flooding through
the southern open borders and their check points.
As have been the 'illegal drug trade' utilizing 1000's large
semi trucks - the missiles, munitions, and military advisor's
are but loaded up and driven unmolested into the depths of
The first groups designated to receive these arms are the
well organized Mexican / Latin American street gangs.
"We in the southern America's have over the years been
aware of a growing divide which has manifested recently
into an outright covert war against us and our desired way
of life, " spoke one of Hugo Chavez's policy advisors, who
for obvious reasons remains unnamed, " ... restoring
the United States to the people, we feel will benefit all
parties and freemen the world over... "
When asked, why the Mexican and Latin street gangs were
selected to be the first to receive the missiles, etc., He replied,
"We have to start somewhere and with the structure, training and
and dedication to the group or gang .. it is hard to find a more
suitable beneficiary at this moment..."
"...we wish the return of the US to the strict guidelines
of their Constitution ..understand .. these highly structured
street gangs will have no fear in the bloody combat that
will be required if the hijackers are to be eliminated... , we
will have our eyes and ears open wide to recruit the
citizens who wish to participate.. "
"The freemen and women of the US and South America will
not go silently into the night of the Globalist Bankers and
their Ilk... no, we shall use all we have - and we have it all -
to resist and prevail in this struggle... " he concluded.


And the Neo-Militia Movement

- What we are about -

What is important to the militia is what is important to all
Americans. We are concerned with the health of this nation.
Militia members are a cross section of the American people.
Many of us have been active in the political realm to voice
our opinion to our elected leaders. Our voice has yet to be heard.
We will not tolerate any trouble makers, Jew haters, bigots,
racists, dissenters of any type first and foremost. We are here
to reestablish the Militias reputation. The militia is a formation
 of communities. This is true now as it was throughout the
history of this land. We the people have gathered together to
form one voice in the hope that we will be heard.
Our communities are banding together across this country to
 form one voice which is getting louder each day. It is not the
guns of the militia that our government fears, we have not fired
a single shot. The people are uniting together as one to bring
out the truth, justice and liberty that we are Americans! 
The Jefferson State Militia is not a "Anti-Government"
hate club or occult of any type.  As an "Unorganized" militia
we will assist local state and government in times where
manpower has been exhausted.  We stand against enemies
both foreign and domestic.

We all see the destination in which
 Our Government is forcing
upon We American Citizens.
 So consider this:
'Like a powerful fast moving Train
heading break neck for the cliff,
We understand that: One doesn't turn
a train for it's on a track.
First the train must be stopped, and
then it must be backed up.'
Hasten Patriots to the Call of Liberty!
~ JRM - 12/22/08



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