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Brief History:

Jefferson State Militia (JSM)/ Yankee Patriots Militia (YPM) and the Resurgence of the United States Militia Movement (USMM)

1993: Nationwide – specifically: Southern Oregon and Northern California citizens react to Ruby Ridge, Waco and OKC events and form regional Citizens Militias modeled after historical documentation of early American Militias.

Flame Out: Militias Flame Out and fade out after the OKC event which as intended confused the issue of the involvement of the Militia Movement.

Within a few years after OKC, the interest in forming / maintaining Militias all but vanished. 

There were a few Rock Solid Patriots, who foresaw the darkening future of the USA, and kept a candle burning within their once well attended / member’ed regional Militias.  Realizing the few remaining Militias were lost in the perspective of actual effective involvement: (they) Re-activated the National Militia / United States Militia Movement Network.

Consisting of a National Leadership Board of Directors / Officers who correspond daily with up to date information relative to the Militia Movement. 

Southern Oregon and Northern California Patriots have come under the ‘umbrella’ or consolidation Port of the Jefferson State Militia (JSM).  Whereas: Existing Western United States Militias and such organizations have found direct association / membership within either or both the JSM / YPM.

The USMM is dedicated in providing (at no or little cost) the latest training information, inside news, and where applicable: Direction / Alerts regarding the well-being of the Militia / Citizen Patriots and their families.

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And the Neo-Militia Movement

- What we are about -

What is important to the militia is what is important to all
Americans. We are concerned with the health of this nation.
Militia members are a cross section of the American people.
Many of us have been active in the political realm to voice
our opinion to our elected leaders. Our voice has yet to be heard.
We will not tolerate any trouble makers, Jew haters, bigots,
racists, dissenters of any type first and foremost. We are here
to reestablish the Militias reputation. The militia is a formation
 of communities. This is true now as it was throughout the
history of this land. We the people have gathered together to
form one voice in the hope that we will be heard.
Our communities are banding together across this country to
 form one voice which is getting louder each day. It is not the
guns of the militia that our government fears, we have not fired
a single shot. The people are uniting together as one to bring
out the truth, justice and liberty that we are Americans! 
The Jefferson State Militia is not a "Anti-Government"
hate club or occult of any type.  As an "Unorganized" militia
we will assist local state and government in times where
manpower has been exhausted.  We stand against enemies
both foreign and domestic.

We all see the destination in which
 Our Government is forcing
upon We American Citizens.
 So consider this:
'Like a powerful fast moving Train
heading break neck for the cliff,
We understand that: One doesn't turn
a train for it's on a track.
First the train must be stopped, and
then it must be backed up.'
Hasten Patriots to the Call of Liberty!
~ JRM - 12/22/08



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