The Jefferson State Militia - Anti Gang Take-Downs To Become Anti-Patriot Take Downs




Anti Gang Take-Downs To Become Anti-Patriot
Take-Downs and Worse...

So called anti gang operations in Southern California
which have been selectively targeting Mexican /Illegal
Alien Gangs are in fact; a Federal Operation which
 is intending upon ‘neutralizing’ the aforementioned.
 The ‘intelligence / word’ regarding
 Mexican gangs on the streets – is: the Mexican
Drug Cartels are bankrolling these gangs believing
that they will be able to ‘route / destroy’ the
Black gangs, thusly increasing their control upon
 the illegal drug market and at the same time: grabbing
off portions of California which will be
returned to Mexico.

‘We have superior numbers, we have all the
firepower we can ask for including things that
go Boom!’ stated masked Mexican gang member.
‘The ‘n-words’ are gonna be on a one way ride
to hell… men, women and their kids.  We know
 that they do not have the heart for a big bloody
 battle, they have grown fat, lazy and blind to
what is happening or is about to happen… ‘

 Sources within the BATF are leaking that
the above anti Mexican gang operations are a
Warm Up for going after those legal US citizens
who have been identified by the Department of
Homeland Security as possible ‘terrorists’.
Including known Tea Party members, militia types,
veterans, 2nd. Amendment supporters, and
outspoken critics of the Federal Government, etc..

‘Basically the initial stages of our intent is to issue
a strong statement on our resources versus those
of the targeted citizens.  Anyone on our list will
be disarmed and prohibited from owning or
possessing firearms – period.’ Our sources state,
‘Eventually we expect some resistance and at
which time we with the resources of the military
will so overwhelm resisters with deadly force…
their blood will run down the street and those who
survive will be placed in FEMA Camps where
they will spill their guts on ‘who’s who and
what’s what’’

Tanks, armor, gunships and hardened combat
troops were specifically noted as to be at the ready. 
‘The trouble makers are going to see what
happens when you go against tanks and
 blackhawks with their black rifles… they will
 be slaughtered.  We have nothing to fear in
fighting and killing the rebels, after all they have
been asking for it for far to long…’

‘Eventually we expect the Mexican drug cartels
 to bring in explosives and anti air systems,
but that will be a dollar late and day short for
 the dead rebels’



And the Neo-Militia Movement

- What we are about -

What is important to the militia is what is important to all
Americans. We are concerned with the health of this nation.
Militia members are a cross section of the American people.
Many of us have been active in the political realm to voice
our opinion to our elected leaders. Our voice has yet to be heard.
We will not tolerate any trouble makers, Jew haters, bigots,
racists, dissenters of any type first and foremost. We are here
to reestablish the Militias reputation. The militia is a formation
 of communities. This is true now as it was throughout the
history of this land. We the people have gathered together to
form one voice in the hope that we will be heard.
Our communities are banding together across this country to
 form one voice which is getting louder each day. It is not the
guns of the militia that our government fears, we have not fired
a single shot. The people are uniting together as one to bring
out the truth, justice and liberty that we are Americans! 
The Jefferson State Militia is not a "Anti-Government"
hate club or occult of any type.  As an "Unorganized" militia
we will assist local state and government in times where
manpower has been exhausted.  We stand against enemies
both foreign and domestic.

We all see the destination in which
 Our Government is forcing
upon We American Citizens.
 So consider this:
'Like a powerful fast moving Train
heading break neck for the cliff,
We understand that: One doesn't turn
a train for it's on a track.
First the train must be stopped, and
then it must be backed up.'
Hasten Patriots to the Call of Liberty!
~ JRM - 12/22/08



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