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__‘We don’t need more editorials, talking points,
 opinions, etc., on What The Score Is.
Any Substitute for Action is Suspect!
It’s Time To Saddle Up! and Make Revolution
 Like Our Founding Fathers Advised' __

All photos by Jim Mark unless otherwise noted ...

The Shasta Laker is Now in
Hibernation... Whilst I Deploy
the Bulk of Me Energies and
Time to the Greatest Danger
Facing America/Earth Ever_ie_
The NWO Globalist Banksters
Bold Faced Attempt to Destroy
The USA as Witnessed in The
Patriot Act, Bail-outs, Insane
Overseas Wars, Etc.,  that Rob Our Liberties,
Our Treasuries and Overall Well Being
as a Nation Which Once Who Stood for Truth,
Justice and The Sovereign State and
Individual. I and many Like Minded will
NOT REST until We Citizen Patriots of America
Oust the Hijackers of America and Re-install
The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Rule.
U may Join Me here on me Facebook Page
and Also Here at the Jefferson State Militia Site

"Jim Mark is the Ansel Adams of Event Photography. "
- David Lubow, CEO Falcon Industries -


Shasta Lake's Annual Vets Day Parade
was Greeted with Wonderful Fall  Weather
and 100's of participants.  Shasta Lake's
Veterans Day Parade is the 2nd Biggest
Vets Parade in CA.  Number One is:
Fresno, CA

The Hardest Thing About Summer is:
Saying Good-bye to MarketFest.  Los Pinguos
and 3,000 plus of Ur Best Friends Made the
Annual Closing of Redding's Premiere Summer
Time Outdoor Event a Sorrowful Pleasure of
Passing.  August 26, 2010

Blues Great Karen Lovely and Band
Make Notable Impression on
MarketFest Fans. 

HillBilly Rock From HardLuck 3 Proves
to be GoodLuck for All Who
Came a Dancin' @ MarketFest
August 12, 2010 Page 1

MarketFest Plus The Blues Rollers
Equals the Perfect Way to Enjoy a
Summers Eve in the River City.

Shockingly Great Local 'Mumblefinger'
 Pushes the Dance Button. 
MarketFest July 29, 2010.

Elliot Randall and His Stellar Band Flow
With Exceptional Country Rock.  July 22, 2010

With Hearts Full of Peace and Love,
Kusun Ensemble Shares Their Authentic
 African Music and Dance With 3,000 MarketFest Fans.

MarketFest Sizzles Under the 'Covers' of Papa Fez, July 08, 2010

Donna Angelle and the Zydeco Posse
Welcomed by 4,000 plus MarketFest
Fans.  July 01, 2010

5 A.M. Not Too Early to PARTY! MarketFest
June 24, 2010

Redding's Tax Day Tea Party 2010

Boondocker Ball 2010

Christmas For The Troops,
Lot'sa Work - Lot'sa Fun!

November 21, 2009

Jack Talbert Tribute: A Hero Lives
Amongst Us - October 24, 2009

 Big Bike Weekend 2009 photo essay

Redding Air-Show 2009 Featuring
the US Navy Blue Angels

The California Honeydrops 'sweeten-up' the
end of Redding's MarketFest 2009 season.
August 27, 2009

FREEKBASS Sets MarketFest 9
Ablaze with Complex Thunderous
Rhythms, Vegas Style Costumes,
and Down Dance Routines. 
August 20, 2009

Bill Magee Blues Band 'owned'
MarketFest 8 August 13, 2009

above pic: Chrisseys Photos

MarketFest Vault 2009
 all this season's shows check it out


above pic: Chrisseys Photos

MarketFest 2010 Kicks-Off With
4,500 Fans Ready to Party. 
The House Jacks Slam the Fans
With Pizzaz.
June 14, 2010

The Redding Trade Club presents:
The 27th Annual Christmas Parade
December 5, 2009
Theme: Candy Canes and Christmas Carols


Shasta Lake Lions Veterans Day Parade 2009

Jack Talbert Tribute: A Hero Lives
Amongst Us - October 24, 2009

'.. incredible work ethic and photo essays..'
~Larry Schaller, former Undersheriff - Shasta County

 Big Bike Weekend 2009 photo essay

Shasta Lake's Annual 911 Ceremony
attracts several hundred Patriots

Sheriff Mack brought his 'Mack Attack' to
the Redding Rodeo Grounds.  Folks say,
'It was like a modern day Sermon on the
Mount' July 17, 2009

"We Speak Mac"

The Bumpus band out of Chicago tore-it-up!
at MarketFest 5 - July 23, 2009



The cremains of three US
military veterans, including
a  Cottonwood man and a
Medal of Honor recipient who
 served with the U.S. Army’s

Buffalo soldiers in the 1880s
 and 1890s, left Redding on

Wednesday, May 21, 2009 to
 travel to their final resting place

in Arlington National Cemetery.



Aaahhh! MarketFest is Back!  Thursday
Nights are gonna be packed with Great
Music, Arts and Crafts, Yummy Foods,
Organic Farmers Market Fruits and
Produce, Kids Stuff, and Community
Minded Service Groups and Businesses


'Tea Party' Draws an
estimated 2500 angry
passionate citizens
 carrying explicit signs

condemning the Obama
 over taxation and lack

respect for the
US Constitution and traditional 
 American values.


rolls into town behind fantastic
weather & attended by thousands
 of Classic Cars and Hot Rod fans. 

Shasta County's Veterans Day Parade
"Freedoms Thunder 2008"
   Judged to be one of the

Biggest Vets Day Parade
in the Nation!

Memorial Day Observed in
Veterans Memorial Grove

May 30, 2009

Redding/Shasta County Observes
Memorial Day in Triplicate
For several years now, Redding and
surrounding areas have had the luxury
of three Memorial Day Services.

Special Forces Memorial
Monument Dedication
Northern California Veterans
Cemetery 25 April 2009 CLICK



'There's a little bit
of Cowboy in All of Us'
was the  theme for the
annual Redding
Rodeo Parade 2009






Shasta County's Veterans Day
Observation Honors
America's Protectors of Liberty. 



"He's the T-Rex of Event Photography..
gets in there and grabs the throat of
whatever needs to be taken and preserved
via digital imaging .. Jim Mark is the
only choice when it comes to capturing
an important event, function..

(continued op-page)


(Cont')  He (Jim
Mark) makes it happen.. and he'll never
embarrass or cause problems if by
chance he gets a 'shot' of something that
could compromise, discredit a person
or persons..
People trust Jim Mark and his artistic
photo essay abilities.."

~Robert 'Fish' Fisher_


"An 'artist beyond the call', he (Jim Mark) works an
EVENT the way General Patton worked his
magic on the heroic American soldiers of an era
long gone but not forgotten... not so much as 'Blood
and Guts' as: 'It's Now or Never to Participate in
your Life and show the World to Come - We Did
It with a Smile'. No, Artist Jim Mark is more like
Salvador Dali than any notable artist of the last
300 years" - John Knott, former CIA Officer,
 Motivational Speaker and lifelong friend


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